Helpdesk Minor Uses

Minor uses are not only a concern for businesses, but also for government. Industry and the government work together to ensure an effective package of measures is available for the sector. To this end, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has established the Helpdesk Minor Uses.

The Helpdesk and international cooperation

The aim of the Helpdesk Minor Uses, which will help to solve problems involving speciality crops within the system of integrated crop protection is to provide recommendations to businesses and the government. The Helpdesk points out the quickest and most economical way of formulating an authorisation request, including the most favourable way of gaining authorisation. The Helpdesk also makes active use of the new Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority's international contacts in the area of minor uses, thus facilitating the exchange of research data between the Netherlands and other countries. When seeking solutions the Helpdesk also identifies favourable non-chemical options.

The Helpdesk and structural solutions

The Helpdesk Minor Uses can also designate or carry out projects that contribute to more structured solutions for the problems associated with minor uses. Examples include extrapolation possibilities for minor uses or crop listings. The Helpdesk also has a role in indicating future problems in speciality crops, including the discontinuation of authorisations through EU harmonisation, to enable alternatives to be found in a timely manner. Through contacts with other parties in the field (such as representatives from the sector, the Board for the Authorisation of Plant Protection Products and Biocides, research experts, authorisation holders and other Member States) the Helpdesk attempts to use existing knowledge in its recommendations as much as possible.

More information

If you have any questions please send an email. You can also call the Division Plant of the new Food and Consumer and Product Safety Authority on: +31 (0)317-496911, or consult the website (in Dutch).