The Coordinators (in Dutch abbreviated as CEMP's) focus on the availability of plant protection products. The main role of the Coordinators consists of making inventories of existing and future bottlenecks in crop protection. Subsequently they consult crop advisors, researchers and industry to find out which plant protection product is preferred and if it's likely that an authorisation can be finalized. After the desired solution is identified, the Coordinator will support the application or will submit the application.
The Coordinators are directed by the agricultural organizations. All Dutch growers can indicate gaps in their crop protection management to the Coordinators.

There are eight Coordinators:

Hans de Keijzer (e-mail), arable crops, vegetables and strawberry

Gea Bouwman (e-mail), breeding, tissue culture, production of seeds and young plants

Peter van 't Westeinde (e-mail), nursery stock, perennial plants and mushrooms, vegetables, strawberry, summer flowers

Jaco van Bruchem (e-mail), fruit

Helma Verberkt (e-mail), glasshouse crops 

Peter Smits (e-mail), flower bulbs

Jeannette Vriend (e-mail), glasshouse vegetables

Jorrit Koeman (e-mail), glasshouse flowers

You can inform the specified Coordinator about gaps in your sector. If it is not clear which Coordinator to address, you can send your question to the Coordinator of your preference. The Coordinators are in close contact with eachother and will exchange these kind of e-mails.