Authorisation of Wing-P includes many small crops

At the request of BASF Nederland BV, the Dutch Board for the authorisation of plant protection products and biocides (Ctgb) authorised the new herbicide Wing-P. In this first (zonal) authorisation a large number of small crops is included. Wing-P is allowed in corn, onions, shallots, leek, flower bulbs and corms (field) and tree nursery crops (field). Wing-P is furthermore allowed in the following small crops: lupine (all purposes), sunflower (all purposes), evening primrose, crambe and echium (not for human consumption or animal feed), sweet corn, leguminous green fertilisers, elephant grass, Aconitum, Astilbe, hosta, paeonia, tree nursery crops (on seedbed), perennial crops (root stock and transferred plants) and field breeding and seed production of: floriculture, vegetable crops and many arable crops.

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